What is Hospice Care?

True Care Hospice of Los Angeles helps terminally ill patients, family, and friends to navigate the final stages of a terminal illness. Our Los Angeles Hospice Care upholds dignity and focuses on quality of life for those that choose to die in their home or familiar surroundings accompanied by those they love. We can provide Hospice care at home in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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Los Angeles Hospice Care

What is Home Hospice and Palliative Care?

Being able to identify the kind of care that a potential client needs is vital as this cannot only save them time and money but can also greatly heighten the quality of their life in their end days. Two of the most confusing services to most clients are home hospice and palliative care which in most cases might sound very common but they could not be more different from each other when you understand what each of them is about and the kind of services that they offer.
hospice care

Once the client or patient has been enrolled to a hospice program by the primary caregiver, the services are given at home by a team of hospice medical professionals. However, despite the fact that the hospice will offer round the clock care in a nursing home as well, they will usually have a facility on location or in some cases at hospital.

Palliative care on the other hand has a team that is made up of medical practitioners and caregivers who are usually where the patient is receiving treatment. They are tasked with ensuring that the patient is comfortable wherever they are. Commonly, palliative care is administered in an institution like a hospital or a nursing but rarely at home.


The other difference between home hospice and palliative care is the timings and restrictions. For one to be offered home hospice services, they have to be considered to be suffering from a terminal illness or are expected to pass on in the next 6 months or both for one to be able to enjoy hospice benefits from their insurance.

However, with palliative care, there are no time restrictions and this kind of care can be received by any patient and at any stage of illness regardless of whether they are terminally ill or not.

It is also worth noting that unlike the home hospice insurance cover, palliative care is in most cases catered for by your health insurance. This is usually because of the fact that it is administered through the hospital. However, you have to make sure that this is the case and also, the prescription might be billed separately.

What makes for a good Home Hospice Care Agency?

The last days of your life should not be about pain and misery. Just as productive and fun as your early days were, you can be able to enjoy the same quality of life or something relatively close to this with the help of a good hospice care agency. However, since there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the care given by these agencies, potential clients do not take the time to look for a good agency that can make their end days full of quality and serenity. To be able to get a top notch services, you need a good hospice care agency and these are some of the factors that a good hospice care agency has.

Proper accreditation, licensing and certification.

One of the easiest ways that a hospice can be able to bank on the trust of the clients is by having all the proper documentation. Clients on the other hand ought to make sure that these documentation are all presented. This is because presence of these documents means that the agency meets all the pre-requisites set by the government as well as the standards. The health department would be a great resource in trying to find out this information.

Hospice Care Experience.

While this might not be a clear cut factor, it gives you something to weigh on and consider. Hospice agencies that have been around for a while have a reputation and this can be quite vital in assisting you figure out if their services are reliable depending on their track record.

Hospice Care Competence.

This is an utmost value and it is one that should never be overlooked. A good hospice agency hires good and competent care givers that include hospice-certified nurses and doctors who are available round in the clock. This is vital in the advent of an emergency.

Presence of an in-patient hospice care unit.

If you are seeking the services of a hospice agency due to illness, you want to make sure that if the symptoms escalate and they cannot be contained at home, there is a facility that can take care of the situation. A good hospice agency will have an in-patient unit with the right equipment to ensure proper services and care.

The ability of a client to be able to pick a good hospice agency is equivalent to the chances of the kind of services that they will be able to receive. This is why it is vital to ensure you know what a good hospice agency service has to offer its client.

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