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True Care Hospice is Nurse Practitioner lead end of life program that focuses on dignity, respect, and comfort during the end of life process. While all hospice agencies follow the same federal guidelines, True Care Hospice stands out by structuring our practice so that each member of the team is aware of the individual care plan and needs of our patient/families. We take pride in developing a personal relationship with each family in order to meet their most specific needs. With True Care Hospice “at whatever hour you come, you will find light, help, and human kindness.

Tali Fayfel  Tali Fayfel is the founder and Director of Patient Care Services for True Care Hospice. She is a nurse practitioner with over 10 years experience in geriatric palliative medicine. Her philosophy regarding hospice care involves providing the patient and family with the most positive and dignified end of life process.



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